Together We Are Better...since 1986                                                           North San Rafael Coalition of Residents  
                Together We Are Better...since 1986                                                                               North San Rafael Coalition of Residents  
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DevelopmentWhat We Care AboutNews BlogAbout UsWhat Can You Do?Other IssuesResourcesAccomplishments

       Together We Are Better...since 1986                                                                                                 North San Rafael Coalition of Residents  
Each neighborhood (and the whole community) have an array of concerns.  And, the development entitlement process is difficult, time-consuming and often thoroughly unsatisfactory.  Crucial community development proposals are slated for August (when we are on vacation) and December (when we are busy). And, the "whack a mole" reactive mode is untenable.  Many development proposals affect us far beyond the boundaries of our neighborhood.

In the City of San Rafael, the public engagement process has 3-4 steps.  Sometimes the Applicant is advised to arrange a meeting with the neighborhood and/or with residents within 300 feet.
1.  Step 1 is a Design Review Board hearing (one or more) at which time, any non-design element will not be addressed since they are not the purview of design review.
2.  Step 2 is a Planning Commission hearing or which Commissioners are not required to justify their ruling based on compliance or variance with the General Plan or Housing Element.  
3.  Step 3 is a City Council meeting or two.  Councilmembers are not required to justify their decision with reference to the General Plan or the Housing Element.
There is a brief appeal period but it is not automatic nor announced.
TRAFFIC:   the case of the frog in the pot of hot water...

         - Applicants of the Four Points Sheraton housing project should be made aware of these General Plan policies/programs....more

         - The project will not be deemed consistent with this policy if the arterial LOS dos not meet this          standard....more

WATER:  What is Marin's carrying capacity?  Read about Drought Math:  CA's challenge to reliable water isn't infrastructure; it's RHNA

Government Code section 65580 is a general statement of public policy, not a directive to any agency, let alone a water and sewer district, on how to implement that policy.” Building Industry Assn. V. Marin Mun. Water Dist. [235 Cal. App. 3d 1644] (1991)

         -  Drought conditions are indirectly affecting Marin County through food prices, while traffic is directly affecting businesses throughout Marin County....more

JOBS:  Jobs are being replaced by luxury housing!

       -  Marin Economic Forum on Jobs.  Marin County added 2,900 payroll jobs in 2015...more

       - Another 16,000 Apple workers looking for housing.  That's what's in store for the South Bay.  Why doesn't San Francisco seem to care?  ...more 

SCHOOLS:  Why should you care?

      -  Evaluate this report for yourself:  Marinwood, Dixie School District and          Housing ...more

ENVIRONMENT:  Can we build our way to sustainability?

Watershed Restoration begins at the outlet, our Bay.  Here's a schematic for upper Gallinas Creek.

OPEN SPACE wasn't free.  You bought it.

1973 - Mont Marin neighborhood formed an assessment district to purchase the 184 acre Mont Marin Open Space for $314,000.
1975 -  Terra Linda residents, with a 76 percent yes vote, established a community services area with a $1,150,000 bond issue to purchase open space properties. These funds were combined with $500,000 from the 1972 San Rafael bond and $500,000 from the Open Space District to buy the Nunes, Freitas, de Long and Turski lands, the semi-circle of ridges around Terra Linda.

GENTRIFICATION:  Is upscale sustainable? Should all our "eggs" go in one basket with a "Fireman's Fund" or "Calico" or BioMarin?  Can our kids live anywhere nearby?

HEALTH:  Is it healthy to live next to a freeway?  Is it healthy to live next to a diesel train?  more...

LIGHT:  Are you entitled?
DARK:  Do you enjoy seeing the stars?

PRIVACY:   Would you like some?

QUIET:  Diesel train horn is 100 decibels.  And, there will be bells...

VIEWS:   Now who is looking at you?


Change is inevitable
 Density is not!
What We Care About
"The common thread that weaves them together is the story of democracy, a story that is still unfinished...The only way to find out how it ends is to keep writing it..  Get out a pen."  Eli Pariser, Campaigns Director, MoveOn
"We set high standards for things we love.  Because we love our country---our freedoms, our diversity, and our traditions---we strive to help our country be its best.  We feel blessed to live in a country where we have the freedom to speak out, the right to assemble, and the tradition of political action by ordinary citizens."  Joan Blades and Wes Boyd, founders of MoveOn.
We care about respectful discourse and accurate information without personal rancor.

How we do not conduct ourselves part 1:

How we do not conduct ourselves Part 2:

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