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Supervisor Damon Connolly makes good on his campaign promise to end the "Slush Fund."

June 11, 2015 Public Hearing on Changes to Sewer Service Charges.

The San Rafael Parks and Recreation Commission is gathering community input on desired park improvements. 

Live Long, Live Well: Area Agency on Aging Area Plan 2012 - 2016.  Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Update.

San Rafael Police Department has issued an alert for phone scams.

Land Use vs. Fiscal Issues - a Balancing Act  ...More.

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San Rafael City Manager's Snapshot.

Marin County Supervisor's District 1 Newsletter.

County of Marin Board Actions and Issues.

2009 International Property Maintenance Code.

ZONING ORDINANCE INTERPRETATIONS AND POLICY STATEMENTS - City of San Rafael:  Fences in Front Yard and Street Side Yard Setbacks

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The North San Rafael Coalition of Residents (NSRCR) serves as an umbrella and advocacy group for all neighborhoods in San Rafael and Marin County within the 94903 zip code, north of Puerto Suello Hill.
Contact information

NSRCR Chair:
Carolyn Lenert



North San Rafael
Coalition of Residents
P.O. Box 6642
San Rafael, CA 94903       
Senior Access provides a daytime activity program for older adults with memory loss and supports family caregivers with education and respite.  For more information about Senior Access, visit our website at:
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Damon Connolly's
stance on the status of
Scenic Highway Program
for Lucas Valley Road
April 28, 2015

For years there has been significant community support behind the idea of designating Lucas Valley Road as a Scenic Highway under the CalTrans Scenic Highway Program. This initiative was also included in the Marin Countywide Plan adopted by the Board of Supervisors in 2007, which calls for the County to “consider participation in the Scenic Highway Program” as a strategy for preserving and enhancing the County’s scenic highway corridors. (Program DES-4.f)

Scenic Road status would offer meaningful recognition of an amazing source of community pride, and would offer some minimal design standards in an area of the County that does not have a local community plan. 

This initiative requires the dedication of resources and staff time from the County’s Community Development Agency (CDA), which is charged with implementing a high volume of work based on the Countywide Plan.

Work associated with a Scenic Highway application would include the preparation of a Visual Assessment, a letter of intent and application for nomination, review and outreach with the public and CalTrans, and ultimately the preparation of a Corridor Protection Plan that would be voted on by the Board of Supervisors before designation. The Countywide Plan identifies the Scenic Road program as a “medium priority with a long-term timeframe for implementation.”

My goal was to have this issue included in the CDA’s two-year work plan, covering 2014-16, as I made clear to staff and to colleagues in public meetings. However, after working with local community members to fully understand the issue and assess a path forward, we decided not to pursue the designation at this time.

This decision ultimately hinged on the reality of requiring ‘yes’ votes from three out of the five Supervisors for the program to move forward. We did not think the proposal could obtain this level of support, and we concluded there was nothing to gain at this time from putting forward a proposal that would not be approved.

As previously stated, the idea for this program has maintained significant community support and momentum, and we will explore it again in the future per its inclusion in the 2007 Countywide Plan.

My hope is that in the future my colleagues will approach this issue with an open mind.

I want to thank the committed community members who have pressed this issue forward over the years, and to commend them on a thoughtful and well-reasoned approach in the face of frustrating circumstances.

Damon Connolly, Supervisor
Marin County Board of Supervisors, District 0ne


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August 2, 2014 Attachments:
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Lucas Valley
Grady Ranch Development Plans

Skywalker Properties Ltd Pre-Application (15-0117)

Brian Crawford, Community Development Agency


The main component of the project: Multi-family Residence - New


Lucas Valley Road
San Rafael, CA 94903
Parcel Number: 164-310-15

Status: Initial Review
Project Planner:

Jeremy Tejirian
Jocelyn Drake

Project Description:

The applicant is requesting a preliminary review of conceptual plans for the development of 224 residential units to serve as a combination of "workforce" and "senior" housing. The proposal calls for 120 two- and three-bedroom workforce residences in one four-story cluster and two two-story clusters on the site, and 104 one- and two- bedroom residences for seniors in a four-story cluster.

The proposal would also include a community center and a pool, terraced gardens, an orchard and "micro farm", a barn, interior roadways with two bridges, and a Golden Gate Transit District bus stop. The proposal limits development to a 52-acre tract of the 1,039-acre ranch, 800 acres of which have already been dedicated to open space.

Zoning: Residential Multiple Family Planned, 1 unit per 0.031 acres and 0.379 acres density
Countywide Plan Designation: Planned Residential, 1 unit per 1-10 acres density

Link to the most recent project plans: