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The San Rafael Parks and Recreation Commission is gathering community input on desired park improvements.  

Meet and Greet new Supervisor Damon Connolly
​Wednesday, June 17, 7-9 pm
Mark your calendar - date is not confirmed yet

Residents 'horrified' by Mark Day School renovation plans - Marin IJ

Live Long, Live Well: Area Agency on Aging Area Plan 2012 - 2016.  Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Update.

San Rafael Police Department has issued an alert for phone scams.

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Gallinas Watershed Council ...web site.

Sustainable San Rafael  ...web site.

San Rafael City Manager's Snapshot.

Marin County Supervisor's District 1 Newsletter.

County of Marin Board Actions and Issues. 

2009 International Property Maintenance Code.

ZONING ORDINANCE INTERPRETATIONS AND POLICY STATEMENTS - City of San Rafael:  Fences in Front Yard and Street Side Yard Setbacks

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The North San Rafael Coalition of Residents (NSRCR) serves as an umbrella and advocacy group for all neighborhoods in San Rafael and Marin County within the 94903 zip code, north of Puerto Suello Hill.
Contact information

NSRCR Chair: 
Carolyn Lenert



North San Rafael 
Coalition of Residents
P.O. Box 6642
San Rafael, CA 94903        

Senior Access provides a daytime activity program for older adults with memory loss and supports family caregivers with education and respite.  For more information about Senior Access, visit our website at:
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Supervisor Damon Connolly
Scenic Highway status for Lucas Valley Road

Hi Everyone,


Yesterday morning the Community Development Agency (CDA) held a Board of Supervisors’ workshop on the status and progress made to date on the CDA two-year work plan, covering 2014-16. At this workshop, I announced that I will be re-initiating the request for the Board of Supervisors to pass a resolution of intent to nominate Lucas Valley Road to be officially designated a State Scenic Highway. The Lucas Valley Scenic Road proposal was not addressed substantively at this meeting but rather will be taken up at the CDA budget hearing on April 20, 2015, as discussed below.


As many of you know the 2007 Countywide Plan (CWP) calls for the County to “consider participation in the Scenic Highway Program” as a strategy for preserving and enhancing the County’s scenic highway corridors. (Program DES-4.f). The CWP identifies the Scenic road program as a “medium priority with a long-term timeframe for implementation.” At the workshop yesterday, staff presented a “2007 Countywide Plan Implementation Program Update” that identified participation in the Scenic Highway program as an “Incomplete Medium Priority Program.” The Scenic Road project is not currently in CDA’s two-year work plan. My objective is to get the project in a position where it will be included in the current work plan by initiating the nomination process where Lucas Valley Road can be considered for designation. 


The process to designate a Scenic Highway is spread over time and includes the preparation of a Visual Assessment (first step), a letter of intent and application for nomination, review and outreach with the public and CalTrans, and ultimately the preparation of a Corridor Protection Plan that would be voted on by the BOS before designation. Staff time has been estimated at a cost of about $44,000-$45,000.  


The Scenic Road project was taken up during 2014 budget hearings when Supervisor Susan Adams raised the issue. However, no action was taken at that time. At the workshop yesterday I put my BOS colleagues and CDA staff on notice that I would be re-initiating the request at the April 20, 2015 public hearing on the CDA’s budget for implementation of the CWP. This will be the time for the public also to weigh in on support for inclusion of the Lucas Valley Scenic Road project in the CDA work plan.


The April 20, 2015 hearing is the only means by which we can advance this project now. If the project is not in the CDA work plan and budget, it won’t be pursued.


To prepare for this important BOS meeting, I’d like to propose a group meeting on Wednesday, April 15 at 3PM in the Rug Room at the Civic Center, where we met previously. We will work with you in advance to prepare an agenda for this meeting to ensure that it is productive, and covers all of the ground needed to be properly prepared for the 20th.


Moreover, I strongly recommend that supporters let their voices be heard publicly and to my BOS colleagues. The recent Op-Ed in the IJ was a good step. You should also communicate directly with the BOS members as well as plan on getting a sizable group to attend on 4/20. We can talk further about strategy at our meeting.


Please keep in mind that while my support is secured, it will take two more BOS votes to move this plan beyond the levels that it has reached in the past. Supervisor Kinsey has already voiced his resistance to the nomination, citing that there are already ample tools at the disposal of the community and county in regards to community plan and design standards. He reiterated his opposition to the proposal at the workshop yesterday and has also done so to me personally. Another issue is the prioritization among other issues in the County – a Streamside Conservation Ordinance and Baylands Corridor protection are examples of “high priorities.”


We are likely to hear from CDA staff that other projects and programs that have been designated as “high priorities” should be given precedence over Scenic Road, at least for now. Therefore, our effort will need a combination of demonstrating the importance of this project, that it should not take an inordinate amount of time or cost, that it has strong public support, and that it can be done without displacing other high priority efforts.


We look forward to working together towards the goal of getting the resolution approved. Please let us know if the proposed 4/15 group strategy meeting date is agreeable for you –we’ve secured the Rug Room and will be in touch regarding an agenda once we have confirmed.






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Supervisor Damon Connolly's

Open letter to the residents of 
North San Rafael Coalition of Residents

I am honored to serve as your representative on the Marin County Board of Supervisors. While campaigning during the election, I had the opportunity to meet many of you at your doorsteps and at community forums where we were able to discuss issues of importance to this neighborhood.

 I’ve also appreciated the opportunity to “gear up” for the job for the past seven months by meeting with community leaders, attending community gatherings and attending briefings on housing and environment, traffic, community planning, watershed issues and local schools.

 I pledged in the campaign to bring a collaborative style to the Civic Center, and, above all, to listen closely to your concerns. I also promised to bring a fresh perspective and an improved relationship to bear on the many issues of mutual concern shared by the unincorporated neighborhoods and the City of San Rafael, where I previously served as Vice Mayor. 

I will be holding frequent office hours in the community and also will be available at my office in the Civic Center. Please feel free to contact me directly at or by phone at 415-473-7331. 

My two aides are also at your service. Many of you know Susannah Clark from her years working at the Civic Center. Susannah’s email is And Christopher Callaway will bring new energy to our team. Chris’ email is

 As we set priorities for 2015 and beyond, your input is vital. I’d like to know what concerns you most about the community, and as importantly, your satisfaction with the progress on the issues. I know you are well represented by your City Council, but my door is always open to hear your concerns on issues affecting our community as well.

  The top issues that I heard during the campaign were: 1) Education/Quality of Schools; 2) Transportation; 3) Housing; 4) Climate change; 5) Local Infrastructure (Roads, drains, sidewalks); 6) Homelessness; and 7) Maintaining our open space. 

I look forward to being of service to the community.

                                         Damon Connolly
                                  Marin County Supervisor
                                  District 1