Together We Are Better...since 1986                                                           North San Rafael Coalition of Residents  
                Together We Are Better...since 1986                                                                               North San Rafael Coalition of Residents  
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DevelopmentWhat We Care AboutNews BlogAbout UsWhat Can You Do?Other IssuesResources

       Together We Are Better...since 1986                                                                                                 North San Rafael Coalition of Residents  
The tranquil beauty of Marin!
This is your turf...
Will you save it?  Will you protect it?

   Regional planners have chosen "lively" and "vibrant" for us instead of peaceful and quiet.

   High density luxury housing along Hwy    101 is displacing jobs and gentrifying Marin.    Traffic problems are ignored... solutions delayed.

How about you choose:
 Urban or Suburban ??
Help determine the future of your community and quality of life.
Get the facts and share your opinion !

1,852+ new units are planned for 94903* !
That's a 15% increase**

83% of the subsidized housing planned
in all of unincorporated Marin is slated for 94903.  That doesn't seem fair, does it?
How about 1/5th of Marin's quota from the State for our District 1 (one of 5 Marin Supervisorial Districts) or 20% instead?

*Please learn more  in the Details below.
**12,603 units are here now, per the 2010 census. 
Terra Linda High School and the Sleepy Hollow/Terra Linda Divide
looking northwest from Quail Hill
Why a North San Rafael Coalition of Residents?
Don't stop thinking about tomorrow!  

After being partially annexed by the City of San Rafael in 1972, residents of 94903 formed the North San Rafael Coalition of Residents in 1986. For decades, its members, advocates and supporters have addressed issues of quality of life in zip code 94903.

We are committed to social equity, fiscal sobriety, environmental sustainability, locally-based land use-planning solutions, and the accountable government process required to achieve it.

We are devoted to diversity, synthesis (the whole is greater than the sum of its parts) and a proud legacy.

We are about being effective, influencing with integrity, caring for others and ensuring fair processes.  

See our About Us located in the banner and learn more about our accomplishments.

*For a print-out of the Petition---for folks who want to sign off-line---please link here to provide them a petition.

“The true mystery of the world is the visible,
 not the invisible."  ― Oscar Wilde
It's Way Too Late... for Pessimism!
In a Rush?  Just Want to Sign* the Moratorium Petition?
Click Here!
Why a Moratorium on High-Density Development?

We advocate a moratorium on all 94903 multi-family housing proposals (condominiums and apartments) near Highway 101 or the Sonoma-Marin Rail Transit (SMART) right-of-way.

The moratorium should start now and run for two years after the train is operating.  That will give us time to prioritize what we want based on planning for reality.  

One reality is that the 2014 median income of "Marin millionaires" is $53,482.*  One definition of affordable housing limits eligibility for gross income to $53,500/yr for 1-person household; $61,150/yr 2-pers; $68,800/yr 3-pers; $76,450/yr 4-pers; $82,550/yr 5-pers. for a 3 bedroom/2.5 bath home with $220/mo. hoa dues.

Why we want a moratorium?  We need time to:

  • fulfill the promise to underground utilities on Freitas Parkway

  • reinstate regular Planning Academies at the City of San Rafael and create one at County

  • Client Response Management systems to track complaints and praise, to improve accountability and build public trust of government

We propose the City of San Rafael and the County of Marin each adopt ordinances, establishing an urgency 730-day interim ordinance prohibiting the issuance of any (even City or County-owned properties) planning-related permits, including design review, variance, preliminary or precise plans, use permits, general plan or zoning ordinance amendments, and subdivision approvals for multi-family properties located in the 94903 zip code.

Sample Ordinance for Moratorium

Please consider signing our petition and join thousands of our supporters.  Click here: 

Development Planned for 94903
180 units four stories 4 acres high density apartments with 18 below-market-rate units next to the freeway.  199 Tamal Vista, Corte Madera.  "A New Perspective on Marin Rental Living"
The project is 10 months past deadline.