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You can help us get Lucas Valley Road Designated a Scenic Road!

On Monday, March 24th Supervisor Susan Adams requested that the Supervisors include staff time for the Scenic Road designation of Lucas Valley Road in next years budget.  The Supervisors did not vote on this request today.

The staff time: is to produce the County’s first ever “scenic protection corridor plan”, which could be adopted by any road corridor in Marin and by one or multiple county roads nominated for Caltrans scenic road program;

The staff time is needed for the application to Caltrans Program; a written Visual Assessment of road corridor; this is a written description of the road and scenery: Caltrans confirms can be written by either volunteers or staff; is non-technical text only. 

It is estimated to require one or two weeks of a staff member's time.

Many members of our community were in support and attended the BOS meeting today.

Sign the petition on the link here to Nominate Lucas Valley Road for Scenic Road Designation!

Board of Supervisors, please Nominate the Road in 2014!

Thank you for your support!

For more information you can visit the information page:
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The North San Rafael Coalition of Residents (NSRCR) serves as an umbrella and advocacy group for all neighborhoods in San Rafael and Marin County within the 94903 zip code, north of Puerto Suello Hill.
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San Rafael city contractor chipping juniper on Santiago Way.
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Message from Supervisor Elect Damon Connolly

Friend – 
On January 6, I will be sworn in as the new Supervisor for District 1. I look forward to the challenge and will fulfill my campaign promises to bring a new, responsive style of leadership to the Board of Supervisors. 

Monday marked my last meeting as your City Councilmember. It has been an honor serving in this position for the past seven years. Fourteen candidates have submitted an application to fill my position, evidence of our community’s strong level of engagement. I am confident that a solid leader will be selected from this group. 

In one of my last acts as a San Rafael City Councilmember, I voted to approve a quiet zone for SMART trains passing through town. The Marin IJ praised the effort in an editorial this week, stating that the Council’s decision was prudent and the result of a diligent and thoughtful community process. As I move the county level, I look forward to continuing a partnership with the San Rafael City Council. 

This Tuesday, the board will vote on the Marin County Housing Element. I have faith that the community can reach a consensus on this contentious issue. I urge you to attend and testify so that the final plan fits your desires for the future of your community. The pressures to plan for housing have never been greater, but that cannot and should not negate resident input. 

Damon Connolly 

P.S. We are planning a celebration on January 6th. Save-the-date. Details forthcoming.