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The San Rafael Parks and Recreation Commission is gathering community input on desired park improvements.  

Meet and Greet new Councilmember John Gamblin  Wednesday, March 18, 7-9 pm
Christ Presbyterian Church, 720 Del Ganado

Meet and Greet new Supervisor Damon Connolly
​Wednesday, June 17, 7-9 pm
Mark your calendar - date is not confirmed yet

,NSRCR nominates Jean Starkweather for the 2015 Richard P. O'Brien Citizen of the Year Award.

Residents 'horrified' by Mark Day School renovation plans - Marin IJ

Live Long, Live Well: Area Agency on Aging Area Plan 2012 - 2016.  Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Update.

San Rafael Police Department has issued an alert for phone scams.

and Use vs. Fiscal Issues - a Balancing Act  ...More.

Best Bets and Newslets   ...Link.

Gallinas Watershed Council ...web site.

Sustainable San Rafael  ...web site.

San Rafael City Manager's Snapshot.

Marin County Supervisor's District 1 Newsletter.

County of Marin Board Actions and Issues. 

2009 International Property Maintenance Code.

ZONING ORDINANCE INTERPRETATIONS AND POLICY STATEMENTS - City of San Rafael:  Fences in Front Yard and Street Side Yard Setbacks

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The North San Rafael Coalition of Residents (NSRCR) serves as an umbrella and advocacy group for all neighborhoods in San Rafael and Marin County within the 94903 zip code, north of Puerto Suello Hill.
Contact information

NSRCR Chair: 
Carolyn Lenert



North San Rafael 
Coalition of Residents
P.O. Box 6642
San Rafael, CA 94903        

Senior Access provides a daytime activity program for older adults with memory loss and supports family caregivers with education and respite.  For more information about Senior Access, visit our website at:
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Photos taken at Supervisor Damon Connolly's Swearing in Ceremony
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New Supervisor Damon Connolly
 vows change

By Nels Johnson @nelsjohnsonnews on Twitter
Posted: 01/06/2015 01:14:16 PM

Superior Court Judge Beverly Wood gives the oath of office to newly elected Supervisor Damon Connolly on Tuesday.
Damon Connolly, pledging to "fulfill the promise of Marin," was sworn in as a county supervisor Tuesday, drawing a standing ovation during ceremonies at the Marin Civic Center.

Connolly, a 51-year-old attorney who replaces Susan Adams on the county board, said he is mindful that voters rallied around him because they wanted change.

"We need change," he recalled one constituent telling him. "Don't forget why we are voting for you."

"Message received," said Connolly.

Newly elected Supervisor Damon Connolly made his first official statement on Tuesday in the Marin Board of Supervisors chambers.

"I look forward to ultimately being judged on delivering results," Connolly said, pledging to fight for:
     - preservation of open land at the St. Vincent's-Silveira tract, 
     - a third eastbound lane on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge,
     - improved transit service and
     - further reform of what the grand jury called the county board's "slush fund" for pet projects.

Connolly, saying skills developed while serving on the Dixie School Board and San Rafael City Council will enable him to "hit the ground running."  He thanked friends, supporters and family for the opportunity to serve. 

"For the residents of District 1, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the privilege to serve," he said.

The audience cheers as newly elected Supervisor Damon Connolly is sworn in Tuesday in the Board of Supervisors chambers.​
​Connolly's acceptance speech.

Click on the link above to watch the swearing in ceremony for Supervisor Damon Connolly.